Much of my inspiration comes from nature and I find myself constantly attentive to the smallest details. I attempt to grasp, if only for an instant, that which is ephemeral… impermanent. Textures, light, the “silence.” Life is being lived on all levels and it is only a matter of opening up the lines of communication.

When a ceramist puts clay in the kiln we give the piece over to an environment of fire and melting oxides, and those complex chemical reactions touch and change.

For me it is humbling to discover that the unexpected surprises are often the most interesting avenues to pursue.

I believe that my responsibility as an artist is the act of nurturing mysteries. Looking for the voice deep inside and translating it into the material I work with. If I can somehow fashion these intangible feelings into form, into clay than that is what will give honesty and strength to my work. If I can then share my vision and touch others then the circle is complete.